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Active Blogger Initiative – Innaku Durgashtami

When I started this blog, it was my intent not to include anything which is personal or involved anybody around me. I was determined not to use it as a journal book. I wanted it to have thoughts which I normally do not openly discuss or any amateur literary work I try to do. This led into me not updating the blog regularly as content development took time and I could not devote much time to it. Recently I talked to a (used to be) regular blogger and that’s for the first time I saw the dates on my blogs. I knew they were few but now I realized that they were old too. So I thought I would give myself a challenge. The challenge was to write a blog daily for 10 8 consecutive days (Why 8? Read further to know why). I know that I can’t write quality content on a regular basis but this time I decided I will go against my principle of not making it a journal of my life. So the challenge starts today. Let’s see how it goes. Be a part of this challenge if this interests you and let me know how it went for you.

Wait and Watch!
Wait and Watch!

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Team Up – A Writing Initiative

We regularly meet people and share thoughts and often the collaboration shows the efforts of all involved in bits and pieces but the end result becomes something to be shared. Hence I started this small initiative with some similar minded bloggers where a literary piece would be created from a common idea but different imaginations and different styles. This page lists all of them in order of compilation. Some of these were created sometime back but didn’t get the ending notes and hence waited in my stash. Now its available for all to read. As this is part of a collaborative work, there might be contribution from different people, all of which can not be accounted for but some major contributions are mentioned specifically for each work.

Team Up

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I am not what I am…. but the dream you always had…

Once Again!!

They Lie when they say Lightning Doesn’t hit the Same Place Twice… or Thrice…

Day 5 – Forgive and Love

I had been trying to finish off the old stories I started with and then I remembered about this, So I thought of having a fresh start. A thought came to my mind and a an image flipped through my eyes. The result – a short story. A story about our decisions, about the times we just followed our instincts and were lead astray by them.


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Be Happy…

You just need one more reason to be happy.

Day 4 – Google Event Sep 2015

This was the first time I actually was part (no, I wasn’t there but was just watching a live event on YouTube) of any live event. I knew the Google event was going to happen but was already aware of the Nexus phone and new Android version launches to happen and hence was not interested to watch it, the least ‘live’. Typically these are more like pre sales event where you introduce a product “officially” and let the tech industry scrutinize your product. Everybody does it and most of the times there is already news about the event agenda earlier to harbor interest.
I normally watch the follow up on the event to know whats happening in tech but somehow I just happened to tune in to it while going through regular news.

This is jest of what happened. Read this to have a detailed commentary about it.


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Day 3 – National Encryption Policy

Yesterday I was planning to blog about the new government policy about data storage and encryption. By the time I was able to type something it was late night and I didn’t want to write something about it half asleep. So I thought lets take it up today. I normally do not bash up anybody, thing or thought, well coz its personal. but this time somebody in their mind thought about it and then thought to impose it on all of us .. Whoa.. it was crazy brave of that guy.


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Day 2 – The Big Loser!!

Okay, so its official. I thought I could do the challenge, (read about it here) and blog regularly but man.. it is difficult. I wrote everyday actually but found it difficult to actually publish a half baked thing. That’s certainly not my thing. Losing something is easier for me than to do something that’s not up to my standards. God! I miss being a child , when I could just do something for the heck of it. “You got to finish the essay”. ok I will write down something to save my rear end. No I can’t. Now I want it to be good enough for me to read it later and not feel miserable about myself.

Oh by the way… I did actually write. I continued on my old story and came up with ideas for 2 new ones and partially wrote each. Hmmm.. so still not complete. Grrr…. Anyways, so lets move on and try to be on track

P.S. This was supposed to be done on 23nd but I am late by 3 days.

Day 1 – I Hate You (Like I Love You)

Day 1 has you always on a high and that’s why this post was written at 2 am. I hope to keep up with the active blogging challenge. Read Active Blogger Initiative – Innaku Durgashtami to get more details about the challenge and to understand about few different ways I screw up my happiness 😉

I like listening to songs which are soulful and then I finally end up listening to them so much that I can hear them in my mind and then I am done with the song for ever.

Recently I watched Malayalam move Premam. After hearing a lot about it from friends, I had huge expectations but somehow I felt that I am not gonna like it. Before I proceed further, I should say that I am not a big fan of movies with college theme or based entirely on those one liners which are good but the storyline is nil or those short story movies bloated to fill the 3 hrs. mark. Also I have never liked Nivin Pauly’s acting, he fits in certain roles but that’s not coz of his acting skills, rather the credit should go to film crew.
Disclaimer: I am not qualified enough to make a remark on any cinema/actor, rather its just an personal remark from a cinema lover.

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