I was checking out what new style to try this week…for new visitors this is one of my hobbies to try out different things mostly to make my face a little different. Lot of my colleagues ask me why? Simple answerjust coz I want to 🙂

I normally stick to any variation of goatie..I feel goaties match my face and make me look less hideous ….I am a fan of Robert Downey Jr.as Iron Man basically the kind of rich and blunt nature he gives to the character, so thought that I should try his style. I didn’t want to do a bad copy and hence checked many online reads on some background about it…..


“To do this, Downey grows a thin mustache and shaves his beard so that he has a thin strip of hair extending from the point of his chin to just passed the corners of the mouth where it turns upwardly toward his mustache , though the two do not meet. He allows the hair to grow on the point of the chin and shaves it so that it forms two diamonds of bare skin between the ends of the mustache and the beard and the center patch of hair.”


The link below shows some of the variations of goatee and famous people who did it…. worth a read if you like to experiment like me.


Off I Go…..