I woke up to realize I am alone and to further realize that I am ACTUALLY alone…. for nearly 10 mins I am in a state of bliss, not knowing about anything. Its these 10 mins which I love so much, more than the 8 hrs of sleep, more than the eventful past, more than the anticipation of the future, more than anything else…it may be the ignorance, the ignorance about my existence and the purpose but boy, it really is true – “Ignorance is truly a Bliss”, and I love it.

This state is maybe what writers have talked about and which alcohol and drugs help to achieve.  I feel free, free to think, no baggage,just a wide open thinking space and I get to wander in it, with no one to stop… well may be its time to stop..I gotta attend nature’s call.

🙂  may be next time……..