We regularly meet people and share thoughts and often the collaboration shows the efforts of all involved in bits and pieces but the end result becomes something to be shared. Hence I started this small initiative with some similar minded bloggers where a literary piece would be created from a common idea but different imaginations and different styles. This page lists all of them in order of compilation. Some of these were created sometime back but didn’t get the ending notes and hence waited in my stash. Now its available for all to read. As this is part of a collaborative work, there might be contribution from different people, all of which can not be accounted for but some major contributions are mentioned specifically for each work.

Team Up

  1. May I Know You! – Aparichithar – This is a set of story and poetry showcasing the absence of social interactions and the post trauma…No, this is just about a regular guy and a regular gal who could have been friends but never took the right steps waiting for the right moment.
  2. Waiting For… A Miracle! – ArdhaViramathil – This is a set of story and poetry showing the desperate need for everyone to be loved. We all crave for it and wish to see it everywhere. The protagonist tries for it, doesn’t see it but moves on, yes… he moves on….
  3. The Red Sea – Oru Chuvanna Kadal – This is a collaborative writing experiment and based on no fixed subject. The prose takes its own pace and direction and lands on hard floor. It was truly and experiment for me.