This is part of the Team Up initiative but rather different from the previous attempts of collaboration. This is an on the fly collaborative story creation.  These were the points to keep in mind before the action.

  1. There is no subject, and participants are free to divert the story based on their interests
  2. One participant starts it with few lines and the other participant continues it.
  3. There is no specific end to the story and it’s based on participant interest.

You could also try this with fellow bloggers or people interested in story creation. The story was done in Malayalam but I am also providing a translation in English.
Color coding has been used to show the contribution by different authors to the story.

Blood Art

Ente kannnadi kananilla
Innale rathri urangunnathinu munpu
njan athil ente athmavinte mukham kandathanu
Athoru sadharana kannadialla

  I can’t find my mirror,

Yesterday, before I went to sleep,

I saw the face of my soul in it,

It wasn’t a normal mirror


Ninte athmavinte oru chhaaya ente manasilum.undu

Athu kandal pore

Aa kannadi njaan aanu olippichathu

ninte pazhaya  aa athmavinte oru pakarppu nine  kaanikkan

Ingane ayirnnu nee… ente koode


I too have an image of your soul in my mind

Isn’t that enough?

I hid the mirror,

Just to show an old image of yours

This is how you were…with me


Swapthil vararundayirunna magician. Athe…  Ayalanu atheduthathu

Appol ayalkku ninte mukham  undayirunno

Athe.. Njan orkkunnu

Pakshe namuku swapnangiloode yadharthyangale nashtappedumo



A magician came to my dreams… Yes…He took it

And he had your face

Yes… I remember…

But do we lose touch with reality in our dreams,

I don’t know


Marannilla nee aa swapnm

Athinu ninte yatharthythekkalum shakthi ullathaanu

Pathanju aa ormaaa swapnam ninte manasil

Ayirunnuathu njaan aayirunnu…  oru shapicha veshathil

Lokathe bheethipeduthan ente oru roopam

Nee pedicho

Pakshe athu swapnm allayirunnu

Njaan undayirunnu ninte arike

Ninte aa yatharthym  swapnam aakan

Ninte swapnam yatharthyavum


You didn’t forget the dream,

It had more power than your realities.

It stayed, the memory, the dream within you

Yes, it was me, in a cursed garb

To frighten the world, it’s a face of mine,

Were you frightened?

It wasn’t  dream

I was there, beside you,

To make your reality a dream,

And to make your dream a reality.


Njan kannukaladachu

Eniku kanam. Urakkam thudangi swapngalku munpu… Oru lokam.,

swapnagalil kanathayathoke  avide undavum

etho kadhayil  vayichathorkkunu

Bhoomikum akashathinum idakku

Urakkathinu. Swapnathinum idakku

Valare kauthukakaramayi thonnunnalle

Avide mangiya velichamundayirunu

Eniku kaanam doore ninnu

Manju kondu moodiyathu pole oru poonthottam


I closed my eyes,

I can still see, before the onset of sleep, before the dreams….  A world,

Whatever I lost my dreams, I see there,

I remember what I read in some story,

Between the earth and heavens,

Between the sleep and the dreams,

Its full of  interesting  thoughts

Some dim lights floating,

I can see from far

A beautiful garden covered by flowers and mist



Ini swapnangl venda

Enikku ariyaam ninakku priyam athu thanne

Varnngl ulla aa lokam..

Manju moodiya poonthottangal

Pakshe aa pookkal  namukku venda

Athinu mangiya varnngl aanu

Nee varuente koode, thirike

ee lokathinte vaathilkal

Aa janal thurannu nokku,

Kaanam aa suryane,

Athinte kiranangl ninte kavalathu veezhumpol

Ninte punjirikku athilum thejas kaanum

Kiranangl ninte kannukale thodumppol

Aa mukham nee olippikum ente nenjil

Venda suryaaenikku thanal.kitti

Ninte thejas enne vedanipikilla

Athilum sukham aanu ee  thanalil

Olipikum ninne njaan

Pakshe aa punjiri  kandotte ee lokam

Athinum rasikaan oru moham

Innu ee  prabhathathil, athum santhoshikkatte


Let there be no dreams now

I know you like them.

That colourful world,

Mist covered gardens,

But we don’t need those flowers,

Their colours have faded,

Come with me,

Back to the gates of this world,

Open the windows and see for yourself,

The bright sun of today.

When its rays would touch your cheeks,

Your smile would be brighter than sunshine,

When its rays would touch your eyes,

Hide your face, close to my heart,

Its  enough ‘O mighty Sun’, I found my shade,

Your strong shine won’t hurt me now,

Its  better in this shade,

I wish to hide you,

But let the world see  the
brighter smile of yours,

It also wishes to be entertained,

Let it be happy, for this morning…..



Sooryan chiruchu kondu kannu chimmi

Pettenu akale ninu oru  shabdam kettu.

Idi muzhakkangal  poleyoru shabdam

Enthanaa parannu varunnathu?

Oru valiya pakshi


Oru chithra pedakam

Atninu chirakukal undayirunu

Athinte purathu niraye violet lillykal kondu alangarichirikkunu

Njan povunnu

Athinte chirakileri

Doore doore


The sun blinked its eyes with a smile,

There was a sudden noise from far away,

A sound like the mighty thunder,

Something flew towards me,

A big bird,


It’s a flying object… a spaceship,

It had huge wings

Decorated with violet lillies,

I want to go, and I am going,

On this flying thing,

Far-far away…..



Povaruthe….ee athmaavine vittittu

Athinte jeevan ne alle

parakkendadoore  maanju povendaa

Kaananam ninne inum, ennum

Kaikal pidichunenjodu cherthu

Oru chodyam….ninnodu njaanum chothichu

Eppozho vazhi madhye kandu

Eppozho mindiarinju

Epozho ee shareerangl onnichu…

Ini piriyaan aavilla,

Pokaruthe ennu njaan alari,

Kettilla, nee

Ninaku priyam ninte swathanthryam

Nee parannu…  doore aakaashnglkku appuram

Njan karanju


 Parakkan chirakukal illa enikku

 Pakshe viraham sahikkunnilla

 Njan thudangi enteyum yatra

 Bhoomiyude aazhangalilekku

 Bhoomiye chumbichu

 Potti thakarnnu

Varnanngl mohicha ninte jeevithahtil ente oru varnam
ee chuvanna kadal


No, don’t go, don’t leave this breathing soul,

You are its life,

Don’t fly off, far away,

I wish to see you, today, and every tomorrow,

I held your hands, close to my heart,

And asked  you the last question…

At some point on the crossroads, we met

At some point in time, we talked and shared our  lives,

At some point in time… our bodies united…

Now its hard  to get separated

I shouted.. don’t  go…

You didn’t listen

It’s your freedom you loved more…

You flew.. beyond the sky…

I cried,

and thought

I don’t have wings to fly…

But I cant  stand the pain of this separation…

I too started my journey…

to the depths of the earth,

kissing the grounds…

Broken and scattered I lay there…

For you … who loves the colours of life… one colour from me….

this red sea….