I watched Nasha today, well just coz of all the hype around it. I had read its reviews and the movie seemed to be a waste of time but still I watched it. No it has not because it involved Poonam Pandey and all the controversies surrounding her.

I felt that the movie had  a young boy’s fantasy, a memory of every first, a memory of things which never happened but seemed to happen for him, a memory which would never be lost.

There are some movies you can’t love or hate, you can’t classify them to a section of your heart. You see it once and then you want to forget it with maybe traces of its memory This is one of those movies.

This is an excerpt from the ending scenes of the movie.

l don’t know how to say goodbye. l don’t even want to say.

l hate that word.

Till today l have not even understood it’s meaning.

Nothing ends and nothing begins.

Whatever happened between us, ..was.. l can’t explain it. l don’t know how.. ..but l am sure.. ..someday we’ll reach

some conclusion.. ..which will be enough for us.

Till then stay like this only. Always live the moment. And remember, that no one is ever replaced.

ln life, we keep meeting new people and new stories are made. And with each new experience.. ..we understand things a little more, a little better.

Love is like summer vacation.. .. It happens every year. lt happens all our life. But every vacation has its own charm..

..its own intoxication. And we cherish them all.. ..just like that, l’ll always cherish you.

So long, stud. Somewhere.. sometime.. ..till then, cheers.