When I started this blog, it was my intent not to include anything which is personal or involved anybody around me. I was determined not to use it as a journal book. I wanted it to have thoughts which I normally do not openly discuss or any amateur literary work I try to do. This led into me not updating the blog regularly as content development took time and I could not devote much time to it. Recently I talked to a (used to be) regular blogger and that’s for the first time I saw the dates on my blogs. I knew they were few but now I realized that they were old too. So I thought I would give myself a challenge. The challenge was to write a blog daily for 10 8 consecutive days (Why 8? Read further to know why). I know that I can’t write quality content on a regular basis but this time I decided I will go against my principle of not making it a journal of my life. So the challenge starts today. Let’s see how it goes. Be a part of this challenge if this interests you and let me know how it went for you.

Wait and Watch!
Wait and Watch!

P.S. While accepting this challenge I had a famous dialog from Malayalm – Manichitrathazhu movie (Tamil & Telugu dubbed – Chandramukhi /Hindi – Bhool Bhulaiyaa/ Kannada – Apthamitra/ Bengali – Rajmohol) in my mind…. “Innaku Durgashtami “.

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  2. Day 2 – The Big Loser!!
  3. Day 3 – National Encryption Policy
  4. Day 4 – Google Event Sep 2015
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