Day 1 has you always on a high and that’s why this post was written at 2 am. I hope to keep up with the active blogging challenge. Read Active Blogger Initiative – Innaku Durgashtami to get more details about the challenge and to understand about few different ways I screw up my happiness 😉

I like listening to songs which are soulful and then I finally end up listening to them so much that I can hear them in my mind and then I am done with the song for ever.

Recently I watched Malayalam move Premam. After hearing a lot about it from friends, I had huge expectations but somehow I felt that I am not gonna like it. Before I proceed further, I should say that I am not a big fan of movies with college theme or based entirely on those one liners which are good but the storyline is nil or those short story movies bloated to fill the 3 hrs. mark. Also I have never liked Nivin Pauly’s acting, he fits in certain roles but that’s not coz of his acting skills, rather the credit should go to film crew.
Disclaimer: I am not qualified enough to make a remark on any cinema/actor, rather its just an personal remark from a cinema lover.

Okay, So I finally watched it, and as expected didn’t like it. No surprise there. The songs were good and catchy but somehow were not worthy of any praise in terms of lyrics, they just turned out to be lucky and the songs caught up with the crowd. Nevertheless, like everybody I liked the ‘Malar’ song. The lyrics were not great but somehow the feel of the song was good. So I decided that it doesn’t deserve my appreciation.

I started on the longest spree of listening to a single song. I listened to this song for nearly 10 days, every night and sometimes 5-6 hrs. straight over the weekends. Today I decided, I am over the song. It was good and I enjoyed it for long time but now lets move on.

This was not the first time I did this to a song. Somehow I don’t get bored, I can listen to it infinitely and still continue to listen to it. During my college days, sometimes my roommates would complain that they have gone crazy listening to a single song for days. Then it was just a background voice for me when I used to work. It was just a way to break the silence of the room and give be the stable base on which my mind could run. So even in that noise, I always found solace and now I used it to shun a song out of my system. As crazy as it may sound, sometimes it just does it.

On a closing note, lets just listen to the song once more. Sometimes ‘Hate’ can be equally strong emotion as ‘love’ but ‘love’ is still ‘lovely’. Enjoy it….

P.S. The title was inspired from the following song. Maybe you remember it now, it was also trendy and then it was lost in the crowd of useless songs.