Okay, so its official. I thought I could do the challenge, (read about it here) and blog regularly but man.. it is difficult. I wrote everyday actually but found it difficult to actually publish a half baked thing. That’s certainly not my thing. Losing something is easier for me than to do something that’s not up to my standards. God! I miss being a child , when I could just do something for the heck of it. “You got to finish the essay”. ok I will write down something to save my rear end. No I can’t. Now I want it to be good enough for me to read it later and not feel miserable about myself.

Oh by the way… I did actually write. I continued on my old story and came up with ideas for 2 new ones and partially wrote each. Hmmm.. so still not complete. Grrr…. Anyways, so lets move on and try to be on track

P.S. This was supposed to be done on 23nd but I am late by 3 days.