This was the first time I actually was part (no, I wasn’t there but was just watching a live event on YouTube) of any live event. I knew the Google event was going to happen but was already aware of the Nexus phone and new Android version launches to happen and hence was not interested to watch it, the least ‘live’. Typically these are more like pre sales event where you introduce a product “officially” and let the tech industry scrutinize your product. Everybody does it and most of the times there is already news about the event agenda earlier to harbor interest.
I normally watch the follow up on the event to know whats happening in tech but somehow I just happened to tune in to it while going through regular news.

This is jest of what happened. Read this to have a detailed commentary about it.



New devices launch.

  • Android Marshmallow – faster, smoother. Google Now on Tap. Android Pay. Doze feature. better notifications, better battery saving. Runtime permissions is super awesome.
  • Pixel Convertible (32GB-500$, 64GB-600$)- New Chromebook to match market demands for Ms Surface and Ipad Pro now. 10.2″, 2560×1800 (308 ppi) screen. Tegra X1 SoC, 3GB RAM. Regular android and not ChromeOS. Optional Bluetooth keyboard (150$) with magnetic connect. USB-Type C connectors
  • Chromecast – This was something I was really excited about. Chromecast had been the unsung well sung hero of Google family and anything new is always welcome. Now its a disc structure rather than the earlier stick with same price – 35$. New colors. New apps. Stream music to any speaker using 3.5mm connector. New Spotify app, new games launched. Fast Play (pre buffer for quicker playback)
  • Nexus 6P – made by Huawei. 5.7″ (2,560×1,440)all metal. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 3GB RAM, 3450mAh battery. USB-C connector. Fingerprint Reader (Nexus Imprint). 12.3 MP rear and 8MP front. 4K support. slow motion (240fps). 32GB-499$, 64GB-549$, 128Gb-649$
  • Nexus 5X – made by LG. 5.2″. Snapdragon 808 and 2GB RAM. Adreno 418 GPU. 2600mAh battery
  • Google Photos – Shared Albums
  • Play Music Family Plan 6 members 15$
  • Android Wear now supports iOS.

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