Pothli Baba Ki

The Mixed Bag Of Everything…..



This includes some quotes written by me


I am not what I am…. but the dream you always had…

Once Again!!

They Lie when they say Lightning Doesn’t hit the Same Place Twice… or Thrice…

Be Happy…

You just need one more reason to be happy.

The Real Dream

Sometimes you need to close your eyes and dream, for the dream is more beautiful than

Dark Silence

I do not like silence coz then my mind wanders to dark corners…I see myself….Coming out of shadows…

The Silent Noise

Can noise ever be silent.. I move to noise to avoid silence…
to avoid myself

Me Defined…

″People laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at them because they’re all the same.″

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Pothli Baba Ki

The Mixed Bag Of Everything.....

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