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This includes work that I started and couldn’t finish or some thoughts that came to my mind and I was unable to give them a proper shape but didn’t want to lose them and hence noted them down.

Day 3 – National Encryption Policy

Yesterday I was planning to blog about the new government policy about data storage and encryption. By the time I was able to type something it was late night and I didn’t want to write something about it half asleep. So I thought lets take it up today. I normally do not bash up anybody, thing or thought, well coz its personal. but this time somebody in their mind thought about it and then thought to impose it on all of us .. Whoa.. it was crazy brave of that guy.


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Day 1 – I Hate You (Like I Love You)

Day 1 has you always on a high and that’s why this post was written at 2 am. I hope to keep up with the active blogging challenge. Read Active Blogger Initiative – Innaku Durgashtami to get more details about the challenge and to understand about few different ways I screw up my happiness 😉

I like listening to songs which are soulful and then I finally end up listening to them so much that I can hear them in my mind and then I am done with the song for ever.

Recently I watched Malayalam move Premam. After hearing a lot about it from friends, I had huge expectations but somehow I felt that I am not gonna like it. Before I proceed further, I should say that I am not a big fan of movies with college theme or based entirely on those one liners which are good but the storyline is nil or those short story movies bloated to fill the 3 hrs. mark. Also I have never liked Nivin Pauly’s acting, he fits in certain roles but that’s not coz of his acting skills, rather the credit should go to film crew.
Disclaimer: I am not qualified enough to make a remark on any cinema/actor, rather its just an personal remark from a cinema lover.

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Team Up – A Writing Initiative

We regularly meet people and share thoughts and often the collaboration shows the efforts of all involved in bits and pieces but the end result becomes something to be shared. Hence I started this small initiative with some similar minded bloggers where a literary piece would be created from a common idea but different imaginations and different styles. This page lists all of them in order of compilation. Some of these were created sometime back but didn’t get the ending notes and hence waited in my stash. Now its available for all to read. As this is part of a collaborative work, there might be contribution from different people, all of which can not be accounted for but some major contributions are mentioned specifically for each work.

Team Up

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